At DogSmart Mobile Grooming every dog is treated as an individual and as such the groom is tailored to his or her individual needs. For every dog you will receive a pre-groom consultation to discuss your dog's health, lifestyle, grooming frequency and behaviour, ensuring we can agree on the most appropriate groom for your pet. The services and prices below act as a guide, but please be aware that prices will vary depending on whether you have the tiniest Chihuahua or the largest Great Dane!

DogSmart Full Groom...                                      from £50

Suitable for silky or woolly-coated dog breeds such as Shih-Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frisé and Schnauzers.


Warm hydrobath with deep cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment, fluff drying and brush out. Clipping, scissoring and styling to your preferred length. Ear cleaning and nail trimming. Finished with a spritz of luxury cologne.


DogSmart Full Groom with De-Shedding...   from £35

If your carpets are covered in fur then this is the right groom for your dog! Suitable for shedding dogs such as Labrador, Beagle, Border Collie and German Shepherd Dog. 


If your dog grows a thick, warm undercoat for winter and sheds this coat during cooler months, the groom will be tailored for maximum removal of hair. This can include blasting, raking, brushing and FURmination depending on your dogs needs. 


DogSmart Full Groom with Hand Stripping...from £65

If your dog has a wiry coat and you want to maintain the show dog look, then this is the right groom for you. Suitable for breeds with appropriate coat texture such as Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier and Schnauzer. 


Hand stripping is a technique where the outer coat is plucked by hand in order to promote re-growth of the protective hair. It does not hurt, when done correctly, because the hair is anchored very lightly in the hair follicle and only the outer guard hairs are pulled. If your dog has been neutered the coat may become soft and unsuitable for stripping. 


DogSmart Bath and Brush...         from £35
For those who want to keep their pooch tangle-free and smelling fresh in between Full Grooms.
Regular grooming every 2-4 weeks will prevent matting, and promote a healthy skin and coat. This treatment includes a warm hydrobath with luxury shampoo and conditioning treatment, fluff dry, maintenance trim (eyes, feet and bum), nail trim, ear clean and a spritz of cologne. 
DogSmart Puppy Groom...                       £35

Recommended for puppies as soon as they've had their vaccinations. Puppies under 5 months will qualify for the Puppy Groom price.


It is important that puppies are familiarised with bathing, drying, brushing and clipping from an early age, to ensure they are relaxed and confident during later grooms. A warm bath, fluff dry and puppy clip where relaxed behaviour is rewarded with affection and treats. I want to make grooming fun for your puppy!

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